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Letter to God and other practices

Writing can be a powerful spiritual tool. Writing without censuring can open up a flow of consciousness that comes from the very depth of our souls. It requires simply a willingness and an openness. Often from our past, we have felt self-conscious about the way we appear or in which we express ourselves. It is best to lay old layers of judgement aside and allow your inner voice to come forth. Try at least one of these “writing” meditative practices:

  1. Access a higher level of your own awareness by writing a letter to God, whoever God is for you. Use any word or name for that power that works for you. Address the letter “Dear God”, “Spirit Within”, “Higher Self”, etc. Write about a situation that is challenging in your life. If your life is unbelievably wonderful right now, write about where you are ready to grow and receive more good. Share some of the feelings you are experiencing and then move into specific questions you have where you feel the need for guidance and insight. End the letter by writing: “Dear God, please write through my pen. Thank you very much.” Then write back to yourself from God. This is a powerful exercise and will bless you beyond the energy you invest in it.

  2. Another option is to memorize an inspiring passage, prayer or poem during your sacred time. I have found that this practice is a way to deepen into the meaning in a felt way as you embody the feeling of the prayer. I have included one of my favorites here that I call “Morning Prayer.” Choose something that speaks to you. Recite it whenever you are mentally free. I have found I can do a few lines quite easily and then add more. I love reciting even to just myself just as a reminder of spiritual truth! Memorizing sacred poems and prayers is an amazing way for me to connect with the spiritual magnificence of Life! I have made this one of my primary practices. Rumi, Hafiz, St. John of the Cross, St. Theresa of Avilla, Kahlil Gibran are some of my favorites.

  3. Commit to journaling at a regular time that works for you: ideal times are usually first thing in the morning or in the evening as one prepares for bed. Pick a week, a month or whatever timeframe works and commit. Sometimes sharing your commitment with someone you trust will keep you to a higher level of accountability. Write unedited for 15 or 20 minutes. Just write whatever comes into your mind. Then take a few minutes to review what you have written. If needed, set a timer so you will be able to write undistracted by time.

Morning Prayer

“Thank you, Spirit, for this wonder full day before me. I accept it as the gift that is it: full of joy, love, laughter and peace!

I absolutely accept abundance in all areas of my life, and I thank you, Spirit, in advance, for an abundant and prosperous day!

I joyfully surrender this day to you, Spirit, knowing you walk with me in each moment, showing me where to go, who to see, what to say and what to do!

My life radiates perfect joy, perfect love, perfect health and perfect peace and I go forth empowered in the knowing that my life is perfect!

I love myself and I greet this day expecting miracles, for my life is a miracle!

Thank you, Spirit, for this perfect day!”

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