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About Transcendent Touch

Nestled in a live oak forest I have created a treatment environment that is healing, beautiful and inspiring. Four large coastal live oaks fell on my property over 10 years ago. They have been milled locally and been incorporated into the structure and in furniture within the space.  Solar panels, high-efficiency heat pumps, a heat recovery ventilation system, high efficiency/low energy fans already are a reality now. Additionally, the elements of a rainwater harvesting and cistern, drought tolerant landscape, herbal and medicinal garden and local art will be included when fiscally possible. The first priority now, however, is to add an outdoor client courtyard for relaxation before and after treatments.

Craig Lozzi | (760) 533-3505

With over 40 years in the holistic health field, I offer therapeutic bodywork for chronic pain, injury rehabilitation and relaxation. My initial training was a three-year course in Polarity Therapy, one of the first truly holistic touch forms in the modern era. I continue to study many aspects of health and touch: it is one of my life passions! My work includes relaxation, deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology acupressure, energy work and many other modalities blended uniquely for each session. My experience lends insight into strategies to enhance health through many other avenues. Sessions often encompass coaching, whether for specific health issues or for difficult mental, emotional or spiritual challenges. I am intuitive and compassionate and have a reputation for dealing with long-standing issues.


Having done bodywork for decades and having also owned businesses with several therapists as employees, I began Transcendent Touch Healing Massage as a solo practice. For the last two years my daughter Laurel has worked with me, providing the same high-quality intentional touch. I love working with people and, by having a simple business model, I offer a high level of care without the distractions of a larger facility and employees. I love my work and the opportunity to be of service. I also network with several other local health professionals to be sure to offer the most appropriate and effective care, whether or not it ultimately includes my services.


I am grateful for the gift of this life! I live each day with intention. I am passionate about health, beginning with my own.  If I recommend something to a client, it is because I have experienced it myself or know others who have had success with it.  I love to cook, learn, listen and enjoy nature. I am the father of 2 girls: ages 12 and 34!  I also enjoy teaching, particularly topics such as meditation and prayer. I am a licensed Prayer Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living. I absolutely love poetry and have been honored to conduct recitals, especially with live musical accompaniment. A lover of art and beauty, I have recently created an amazing environment for massage: a studio, that by simply being in the space, uplifts and inspires! 

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Laurel Lozzi | (323) 356-5363


After working on computers in white-walled offices for a handful of years, I decided to work with my body, more organically, and in direct connection with people. Massage has always been a part of my life, first by receiving as a young child from my dad who is a massage therapist and healer, and then by giving to friends in need. In 2012, I decided to go back to massage school (I had gone once before), to add to my toolbox and develop my natural tendency toward touch. Since then, I've been expanding my toolbox to include other aspects of being in my work, including coaching where we get to work out knots in the psyche with words and connection. My sessions are intuitive, restorative and combine multiple modalities. Whether through my hands or in conversation, my aim is to find the connection point in the present moment.

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