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Working with the Fire Element

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus)

Warmth, Love, Power or when blocked or restricted: Anger, Frustration

Digestion, assimilation

Stomach, bowels

Ability to see

Hunger, laziness, luster, thirst, sleep

Experiment with these 3 techniques, in the order listed.


(See section below describing touch.)

Client is laying or sitting in any comfortable position

  • From the base of finger to the tip, slowly and methodically massage the finger feeling for any tender spots. They will feel like little grains of sand. The client may find these tender spots to be very sensitive, so have them breathe and concentrate on relaxing. Explain the benefit of releasing the energy that is blocked in the area as pain. With children you can make it a game, so it is fun to find the spots, instead of just painful. Use a deep static touch initially to disperse, then a lighter touch with movement to energize. Finally, hold lightly with intention (love and whatever is wanting to be balanced or created, i.e. calm, peace, etc.) for a few minutes.

  • The same techniques can extend up the arm towards the elbow using a small amount of oil to glide, but this is not necessary if time is a factor.

  • Work in the same fashion on the feet; be aware that feet can be highly sensitive. Feet generally reflect and release more chronic energy blockages, whereas the hands are used to treat acute symptoms generally.


(See section below describing touch.)

Client is lying supine. Stand (if on a massage table)/sit at their right side.

  • Left hand holds satvicly on forehead (almost lifting off the body) with right hand resting on abdomen: thumb above umbilicus and the rest of the fingers below it.

  • Rock your right hand across the abdomen with a firm contact. Look at the client’s body: gentle movement of the entire body down to the feet and arms will evidence a “rajasic” touch. Continue rocking for 1-2 minutes.

  • Stop rocking and hold your right hand still. Generally, the client will feel a wave of warmth of energy flow through their body.

  • Wait for at least a minute then repeat rocking and then the holding a second or multiple times. As this manipulation is repeated, greater and more complete energy flow is experienced.

Comments: Experiment by varying the tempo, the distance your hand rocks “East/West” across the body and the amount of pressure on the abdomen. This manipulation stimulates the umbilical current and the fire of digestion. It can create profound energy movement. If done lightly it will deeply relax the body as the energy flow feeds and nourishes the entire energy field. With intention, it can help soothe excess fire and encourage sleep and relaxation.


(See section below describing touch.)

Client is lying supine. Stand (if on a massage table)/sit at their head.

  • Align you hands together under the client’s head, palms up with the little fingers touching in the middle. You fingers will reach to below the base of the skull to the neck near the shoulders (this will vary according to the length of your fingers and the client’s neck.). Your thumbs will gently wrap around the side of the head toward the ears. When correctly held, your client will feel very comfortable in your hands and you will feel like the head “fits” perfectly under your fingers. Shift your hands up or down, keeping them gently relaxed as you “cradle” the head and find the correct position.

  • Once you have the correct hold, hold their head for several minutes. Concentrate on your own body first, being sure you are relaxed and are breathing deeply. Next, create your intention for you client and send it to them with a deeply felt sense of love and compassion. With children, you can tell them a story that illustrates the feeling you are creating in the session: peace, calm, etc. Add any affirmations of their good for several minutes: “You are so calm and peaceful. You are such a loving and kind boy (girl). Etc., etc.” This is the truth of who they are: all things good. As you remind yourself and the child, reinforcing it when they are relaxed and in a more subconscious state, you allow this truth to go deeply into their being, to be accessed consciously later.

  • Normally, this head hold will calm the entire energy field and assist with sleep and relaxation.


For our purposes it is helpful to note that just as there are three principles from which all electromagnetic energy manifests in the body, there are also three types of touch in our Polarity energy balancing. Tamasic touch (receptive) utilizes heavy, deep pressure to break up energy blockage. It is used to disperse and dissipate excess energy and tension and thereby open the pathways for energy movement. It is considered negative electromagnetically as it utilizes the principle of receptivity to draw out energy; it is the most physical touch, necessary when energy is chronically stuck. Tamasic touch works with the long currents (North-South) and the central nervous system. The rajasic touch (active) is positive in nature and employs rocking and movement to create energy flow. It is appropriate in all conditions and can move and direct excess energy that has been released through Tamasic touch. In cases where the energy has been restricted, it will help build fire and create greater energy circulation. It is warming and energizing, and also creates a soothing and relaxing effect. The rajasic touch affects the spiral current that radiates from the umbilicus and the sympathetic nervous system. Satvic touch (balance) is neutral and light, balancing energy. It tonifies and is good for deficient conditions. The lightest touch penetrates the deepest and is profoundly calming and relaxing, creating a sense of peace and balance. Satvic touch affects the horizontal energy currents (toning muscles) and the parasympathetic nervous system.

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